The Agat 18k

The Agat 18k is an inexpensive, lightweight, plastic, manual-exposure camera that yields surprisingly good results for something that can be bought new for $15 - $25. I've only shot two rolls of grainy black and white film, but aside from what appears to be flare caused by a shiny interior film chamber, it yielded surprisingly good results. The black and white photos below were taken on some old grainy film and the negatives were scanned on my flatbed scanner. Note that actual darkroom prints would be far better than these.

At the suggestion of Roland Harriston, I painted the film chamber of my Agat 18K with Krylon Ultra Flat Black paint. It appears to have eliminated the reflective problem that I had before.

(IMPORTANT: Do NOT just spray the interior of the camera. Spray the paint into a cup and CAREFULLY paint the film chamber with a brush. Be sure to keep it away from the shutter blades)

This is a photo before painting the chamber. Note the line across the top of the frame where the reflection begins.

Here's my ugly mug. It was trying for an artsey sort of shot with the camera recessed in a flower bed. I had hoped to frame my face with the flowers, but it just didn't happen. However, pointing up at the bright sky, I didn't get that reflective problem like before.

Here are a few more that I shot just to see how it would perform.