The Aiptek Mini 1.3

The Aiptek Mini 1.3 is what is commonly referred to as a "pencam", or "pen camera". Normally, we expect very little from this type of camera, but I was simply shocked at the results I achieved with this little marvel. Granted, it's only a 1.3 megapixel camera and it doesn't have a flash, but given enough light, you can make very nice snapshots - virtually free. (And hey, the camera cost only $60 at your local Wal Mart) The camera is tiny enough to conceal in your hand or pocket and will take 50 to 60 pictures on the 16 megs of internal non-volatile memory. (Your pictures are safe even if the batteries fail) It also takes movies, but with no sound and the movies are not protected if the batteries fail. The camera will focus down to around a foot away, but I suggest doing some tests taking photos down the length of a yard stick to be sure of your camera's precise focusing range up-close. It can also serve as a web camera, but I never used it for that. I recently bought a newer model Aiptek camera and gave this one to my daughter and she has already set it up as a web camera on her computer. The photos below demonstrate the size of the camera in relation to a roll of 35mm film and hopefully give a pretty good idea of what can be expected from the camera. It uses two AAA batteries and will burn a set up in a week - even if you don't use the camera. I bought rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries and just recharge them every weekend.