First shots with My Canon ED20

I just got a Canon ED20 and banged off a quick first roll to see whether it works or not. Here are three examples from the roll.

These cameras were produced starting in 1979. They are an updated version of the 110ED that could correctly expose 100 and 400 speed film. The lens is 26mm with apertures of f2.0, f4, f8, & f16. It has a coupled rangefinder with close-focusing to 2 feet. Electronic shutter with speeds of 8 seconds - 1/1000 plus a mechanical shutter at 1/125. A CDS meter provides aperture-priority exposure control. Built-in hot shoe. Tripod and cable release sockets. Date imprinting function with the year wheel set between 1978 and 1988 and the single digits 0 to 9. Close-up photography with accessory close-up lens 110. Measures 5-9/16" X 2-3/16" X 1-1/8" and weighs only 12 oz. Uses one A544 (PX28L or 4LR44) battery.

This is the camera and matching flash.

This is the football stadium at the college where I graduated and where my wife now teaches. They are obviously re-working the football field and are also rebuilding the visiting team's stadium seating.

This is my daughter, Andrea. Note that I turned on the date stamp feature on this shot. The 3 3 4 means March 4th, 2003

This is a close-up of the front of my overhead cabinet at work where I display some of my work. This is as close as the camera would focus. It was taken in existing light at F2.0 with no flash. The person underwater is Kamil Horak, from the submini list, along with his son.