The Graflex Graphic 35

This is the Graflex graphic 35. It was the successor to the Ciro 35 and was originally produced in 1955. The camera is focused by pressing the two black buttons on each side of the lens. The shutter release is the vertical "wing" to the left of the lens. Pulling it towards the outside of the camera releases the shutter. The film advance lock is released when the "wing" falls back into the vertical position. The rangefinder window is separate from the viewfinder window.

It has shutter speeds of B, 1 second, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125 & 1/300.
The aperture ranges from f2.8 to f22 and the camera uses standard 35mm film cassettes.

These photographs were taken on Fuji Super HQ 100 film.